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Gregory Abramov
Gregory Abramov

Dropped Action Cam. What Happens Next Will Amaze You!

Several combat options are swift actions that modify one or more attacks you take after that swift action. For example, Channel Smite and Weapon of the Chosen each take a swift action to activate, which then applies to the next attack you make regardless of what type of attack action you perform. Arcane Strike and Improved Weapon of the Chosen are activated in much the same way, but they apply to all appropriate attacks made for 1 round after activation. Source: PZO9468

Dropped Action Cam. What Happens Next Will Amaze You!

What to know: It will be difficult for interim coach Steve Wilks to keep PJ Walker as the starting quarterback against the Falcons on Thursday. Walker had two interceptions and nine yards passing before Wilks turned to Baker Mayfield for the second half. The Panthers are expected to activate Sam Darnold from injured reserve Tuesday. They want to see what Darnold can do but likely won't have time to get him ready on a short week. Before Sunday, one option after next week was to release Mayfield and go with Walker and Darnold the rest of the season. Walker's poor performance and the professionalism Mayfield has shown as the backup puts all options back on the table.

Action combat sounds like we're going to see a lot more accidental pulls...From what I have gathered from watching various people play around with it it's a mid-range - casters can't stand at max range and have it target.I think it will take a tiny bit of practice to not pull, but then so does not tabbing the next pack tbh(I am guilty of a fair few accidental Charges xD)They might reduce the range too, if they find it a problem. 350c69d7ab


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