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Download Film The Raid 1 Full Movie Extra Quality

Okay, I'm 50 films off having reviewed 4,000, so I've seen a fair few flicks in my time. Many of them have been good, some bad, a lot of them middling. But very few of them blow me away, and the ones that do so tend to be the really intense thrillers that are packed with suspense and absolutely great action scenes. THE RAID was a great movie which I really enjoyed, and I heard the hype about the sequel but was afraid to believe it. I needn't have been; THE RAID 2 is an absolutely brilliant movie and one of the best films I've ever seen.This sequel doesn't slavishly copy the original, which is a good thing. Instead, it's a sprawling gangster movie, an Indonesian variant of the ones popular in Hong Kong and South Korea, enlivened with some incredibly violent and extremely well choreographed action sequences which usually take the "one vs. many" formula to the extreme. This stuff is great in itself, enlivened with larger than life characters and more depth than you'd expect from a typical thriller.Stuff continues in this vein up until the last forty five minutes, at which point you realise that everything preceding this point was just the build up to the denouement, which is an action spectacular unlike anything ever put on film. There's a stupendous car chase, a great three-way between top fighters, and the final kitchen one on one, which I think might well be the best fight ever put on film (and I've seen most of the Bruce Lee/Donnie Yen/Jackie Chan/Tony Jaa fights). Everything is perfect: the choreography, the music, the violence. Iko Uwais and Gareth Evans both go from strength to strength and everything just gels together perfectly. Go buy this now, you won't be disappointed!

download film the raid 1 full movie


After The Raid, Rama (Iko Uwais) is pushed to work for Bunawar and his small group of cops to root out corruption in the police. He goes undercover into prison as Yuda. Inside the prison, he saves the life of Uco (Arifin Putra), the volatile violent son of gangster Bangun (Tio Pakusodewo). Two years later, he's released as the right hand man of Uco. Uco is itching to go to war with rival Japanese gang Goto except his father Bangun won't allow it. Bejo (Alex Abbad) comes to Uco with a proposal to force a gang war.The original was an eye-opening to Indonesian action movies. It wasn't just fights and stunts. Everything was well put together. It was better than most movies from anywhere in the world. This one takes another step further. The action scenes are even better in this one. However, the writing is vastly improved. The acting goes from amateurish stuntman acting to full-on Shakespearian acting. Arifin Putra is given a juicy part and he squeezes every drip out of it. He is able to add more to the movie than just the stoic acting from Iko Uwais. This is even better than the first movie.

What left me a bit disappointed about Jumanji 2, though, was I hoped they would have followed up on comments made by Jack Black (who is hysterical and able to pull off different embellishment of the characters) and Kevin Hart (who appeared to have been a bit low key than usual) on exploring the how behind Jumanji's mythology. They wanted to explore how Jumanji is able to pull people into the game and make people take on the game' avatars. This was never explored in the film. However, without spoiling the movie, I think they have left open a possibility to make a 3rd movie. I would like to see Kevin Hart featured and taking the lead the way Karen Gillan did in this film.

JJ Abrams had an impossible task: write and film a conclusion that wraps up the 8+ moves that came before it and please all the rabid fanboys. That was never going to happen. He really had the deck stacked against him from the beginning... there was no clear story from the beginning, the property was sold to Disney in the middle, some of the prior movies were less than stellar, PLUS one of the main actors died before production began... impossible! And, yet...

He put a little something in for everyone--old and new fans alike. (For example, I liked how he managed to right a wrong that happened at the end of the first movie. ? ) Some complain that the movie is overly sentimental... well, what do you expect from the 9th and final film in the series?! I loved the fact that we came full circle for the big bad.

Excellent movie, even though they humanized Buck, and another excellent performance by Harrison Ford. If there is a negative to the film, it is that it is obvious the animals were CGI-generated. The abandoned cabin scenery were gorgeous. 076b4e4f54


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