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Castor Sysoev
Castor Sysoev

Moloch (2022)

Nico van den Brink debuts as the director of a feature film with Moloch (2022), a great example of horror moviemaking, and a very engaging piece of entertainment. His multiple awards-winner short film The Burden (2019), also known as Het Juk in its original Dutch language, already showed the direction and the crafts of a filmmaker with a good eye and a taste for taking daily stuff like family and folkloric legends into celluloid nightmares.

Moloch (2022)

From the acting, including the debutant very young Noor van der Velden, to more technical aspects like the already mentioned cinematography, direction, soundtrack, and even the locations, both outdoors and indoors, make Moloch (2022) a very entertaining piece of horror, an enjoyable movie that surely will satisfy the followers of the genre, away from easy cheesy frights, dumb creatures, and foolish stories that seem to overpopulate the industry nowadays. A good sample of pure horror, which could be taken in the most classic way, appealing, engaging, and even necessary. 041b061a72


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