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Castor Sysoev
Castor Sysoev

Get Ur Freak On (Extended Mix) ((HOT))

[NELLY:]She's a freak and I'm a chief head banger with the top down low on the flow cause your so fresh (fresh!) like b-boys with vests like runners carve chestsheheheheI run like the breeze to catch this life but sometimes get a need 'til I bleed!There's truth, I go, there's a rhyme, I will tell it, a story, I'll defend itMissy come in and I landed! Hell where did she come from?This international goddess sun so get your hands up like this hununtil the party's just begun! So come over to my house and that's wherethis song's from a less for the laugh from west coast breeze Portuguesediva! And Missy's the woman who always be cooking, says something for Neltadowho come dip her vibin' from DC to T.Dot and all around the world come giddy up giddy up back back up to my girl!

Get Ur Freak On (Extended Mix)

[MISSY:]They wan dance,Everybody getting freak-deaky wan dance,grab your partners tear 'em by the ass and wan dance,wine your body swiftly to the beat dem wan dance!dem wan dance, dem wan dance!Everybody crank in the club - dem wan dance!Everybody hot and on the block - dem wan dance!Everybody gettin freak-deaky wan dance, dem wan dance! 041b061a72


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