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mollys mother had died when she was young, though she remembered a strong presence and a strong sense of duty. her father, however, had always been more present than her memories, and so she had a romanticized memory of her. its not long before we find out that milos mother is not feeling well, and we find out why. its obvious as the story wears on that both teens parents are troubled, and there are a few hints as to whats going on, but by the time we get to the end, its going to be clear that the whole family is under some sort of strain.

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most probably not? unfortunately, the answer is probably yes. surprisingly, the movies script doesnt even mention the full extent of alecs schoolwork, but later it is revealed that he is failing even the schools entrance exam. additionally, it is later revealed that just as alecs father was, wilsons girlfriend is also from another country, and his father doesnt allow him to go home. its a major part of the movie, and its a big part of alecs character development.

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