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Jameson Bell
Jameson Bell

Meet Dave

Upon meeting his first human, Gina (Elizabeth Banks), he blurts out a name offered to him by a researcher crewmember (Gabrielle Union). She chooses what she gleaned was one of the world's most common names: Ming Chang. Murphy assumes the identity of Dave Ming Chang. It's incongruous and worth a chuckle, but the joke gets stretched to the breaking point.

Meet Dave

He explains that members can best prepare for working with a Loan Officer by having three key pieces of information ready for the first meeting: your credit score, your gross annual income and your ideal monthly payment. Once this information is in hand, Dave can start crunching numbers and prequalify the member for the loan that best meets their income level and property dreams.

Dave Armstrong (NMLS# 409932) is happy to meet with members virtually or in-person at our Fort Collins branches. You can reach him by email at or by phone at (970) 388-3903 with your questions about homebuying or refinancing.

Dave is a long-time venture capitalist and has been actively working in the insurance space for more than three decades. By combining his extensive experience and expertise, he keeps our team on the best path to move us forward so that we can meet our goal of widespread industry adoption. Learn more about Dave in the video below! 041b061a72


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