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History Of Architecture Banister Fletcher Free Fixed Download Pdf

this book suggests a new research method, fully in line with the book's overall vision: to show that architecture is not only a product of history, that it has always been a product of history, and that by investigating the historical evolution of architectural thought, we can better understand its current ideas. from the final volume of the book, we can see how this idea will be developed into a critical theory of the discipline, building upon the aforementioned chapters and illustrating the author's project by addressing india, asia and africa.

history of architecture banister fletcher free download pdf

the rise of universal history in the seventeenth century led to the exclusion of all the non-european areas of the world, or popular societies, or history, from european history. the eighteenth century, which was supposed to be the century of celebration of the enlightenment, criticised itself because of the emergence of nationalism and colonialism. the nineteenth century offered a different set of perspectives on the problem of universal history, and introduced a new concept, that of postcolonialism. the history of architecture in the twenty-first century is clearly split between the western and non-western world. however, in the present day, to a large extent this is mere aesthetic opposition. there are places where europe did not send its armies to conquer the territory, and so did not destroy the local industry, while other territories which europeans did not discover are considered to be exotic by europeans themselves and therefore very modern.

it is for the revolutionary production of new forces and new ways of living and for the wealth of innovative and unconstrained combinations and accumulations that the architecture of the present and of the future must be working. the italian architect carlo scarpa (19061993) remarked that any space in which potential energy is enclosed and will not be used is a waste of space (keynes, 1962, p. 18). therefore, he asserted that architecture cannot be a decorative art, it can only be a spiritual art. the first lady fletcher, as she is also known, could have been right. it is the task of architects to create a new architecture; this architecture is not only about the method, it is also about a philosophy which makes interpretation of value and meaning possible. it is about a personal worldview, which is not written down, but which can be felt. the third lady fletcher, georgiana, was all about this. if architecture were not a philosophy or art, then it would be merely a business of erecting something, a building; but not of every person contributing to or taking part in the building process. architecture would be a resounding egotism. for architecture, the only limitation is the imagination of the architect. after all, it is the imagination of architects which keeps this beautiful art alive. it is the imagination of the architect, rather than the imagination of people, which creates the good, the beautiful, and the true. it is not the result of imagination, but of continuous thought, which is not a science. it is quite right that all people, regardless of their profession, have an idea about architecture and what it is. but, by no means, the architect needs to think that his idea is, in itself, architecture.


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