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Gregory Abramov
Gregory Abramov

Class Act By Aspen Hadley __FULL__

I think that it is bizarre how we are all so different even though we have sat in a classroom together for so long. I watch some students around me do things, and it shocks me how much differently I would do the same things. I have such different ideals and opinions than a lot of my fellow LHS students.

Class Act by Aspen Hadley

I believe that every part of every experience we all have shapes us into who we are today. School is half of that, though, so why are we so different? Sometimes I sit in class and wonder how different the lives of the students sitting in the other desks will be.

Lamarr was taking acting classes in Vienna when one day, she forged a note from her mother and went to Sascha-Film and was able to get herself hired as a script girl. While there, she was able to get a role as an extra in Money on the Street (1930), and then a small speaking part in Storm in a Water Glass (1931). Producer Max Reinhardt then cast her in a play entitled The Weaker Sex, which was performed at the Theater in der Josefstadt. Reinhardt was so impressed with her that he brought her with him back to Berlin.[16]

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