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Gregory Abramov
Gregory Abramov

Jis K 6253 Standard Pdf !!EXCLUSIVE!!

get a more complete understanding of the new standard. dont just skim the docs; go through them a bit at a time. in particular, when you get to the windows runtime, a new model for application and library design section, youll get a sense of the approach. when you come across new tags like appwindow or datatrigger, youll be right in the middle of the direction of windows store apps. windows runtime offers a rich set of functionality. you get things like notifications, customizable access to the navigationservice and deviceinformation apis, tons of media functionality, and support for touch, gesture, and speech.

Jis K 6253 Standard Pdf

in the windows 7 and windows 8 design guide, we explain how to use the windows 8 design metaphor and user interface construction techniques to help you develop apps for the new windows runtime. the included sample code is a good starting point for demonstrating these techniques.

the windows.networking.sockets.streamsocket namespace includes types that provide various functionalities to facilitate a socket server for the xhtml socket protocol. the socket class can send and receive data, including binary data, via the xhtml socket protocol. the xhrreadystate and xhrlocalstate enumeration values are used to determine the state of the request. you can use the xhrlocalstate enumeration to support asynchronous requests. you can also use the progress events and progress report methods in the socket class.

windows runtime apis are designed to work across multiple architectures, both on a single device and across multiple devices and systems. although they are designed to work across multiple architectures, users still need to build their apps to run on windows 8, windows phone 8, and windows server 2012. even if you already have one of these devices on your network, you can test and debug your windows runtime code on the windows preview for windows 8 tablet device, or you can build and run your apps using windows preview for windows 8.


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