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Bridge Modeler For Autocad Civil 3d 2015

Bridge Modeler for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015

Bridge Modeler for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 is a powerful and versatile tool for bridge design that allows users to create parametric bridge models, analyze them, and generate documentation. Bridge Modeler is an add-on module that is available only for users who have the Infrastructure Design Suite Premium or Ultimate, and who are on subscription.

Bridge Modeler For Autocad Civil 3d 2015

Features of Bridge Modeler

Bridge Modeler has several features that make it a useful tool for bridge design, such as:

  • It integrates with AutoCAD Civil 3D, which means users can leverage the existing civil data, such as alignments, profiles, surfaces, and corridors, to create bridge models.

  • It supports various types of bridges, such as girder, slab, arch, cable-stayed, and suspension bridges. Users can choose from predefined bridge components or create custom ones.

  • It allows users to modify the bridge geometry, such as span length, deck width, pier height, and skew angle, using grips and dynamic input. Users can also edit the bridge parameters using a dialog box or the properties palette.

  • It provides analysis tools that can perform structural analysis, load rating, and code checking for the bridge models. Users can also export the bridge models to external analysis software, such as Autodesk Structural Bridge Design or Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional.

  • It generates documentation for the bridge models, such as plan and profile views, cross sections, elevation views, and detail drawings. Users can also create reports that include material quantities, cost estimates, and design criteria.

Benefits of Bridge Modeler

Bridge Modeler offers several benefits for bridge design, such as:

  • It improves productivity and efficiency by enabling users to create and modify bridge models quickly and easily using parametric components and dynamic input.

  • It enhances accuracy and quality by allowing users to analyze and verify the bridge models using integrated or external analysis tools.

  • It facilitates coordination and collaboration by enabling users to share the bridge models with other project stakeholders using common file formats or cloud services.

  • It reduces errors and rework by ensuring consistency and compliance between the bridge models and the civil data.

  • It saves time and money by automating the documentation process and providing reports that support decision making and budgeting.


Bridge Modeler for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 is a powerful and versatile tool for bridge design that integrates with AutoCAD Civil 3D and provides features for creating, analyzing, and documenting bridge models. Bridge Modeler can help users improve their bridge design workflow and deliver better outcomes for their projects.

: [How to download bridge module for Civil 3D]


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