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Saul Goodman -- Modern Method For Tympani Book Pdf

Saul Goodman -- Modern Method For Tympani Book Pdf

The tympani, also known as the kettledrum, is a percussion instrument that consists of a large hemispherical metal bowl with a membrane stretched over its open end. The tympani can produce a variety of pitches by adjusting the tension of the membrane and the amount of air in the bowl. The tympani is one of the oldest orchestral instruments, dating back to the 17th century, and is used to create dramatic effects, rhythmic accents, and harmonic support in classical music.

One of the most influential and respected teachers of tympani technique was Saul Goodman (1907-1996), who was the principal tympanist of the New York Philharmonic for 46 years. Goodman wrote a book titled Modern Method for Tympani, which was first published in 1955 and revised in 2000. The book is considered a classic and indispensable resource for all tympanists, as it covers all aspects of tympani playing, from fundamentals to advanced repertoire.


The book is divided into four sections: Fundamentals, Exercises for the Development of Technique on Two Drums, Three and Four Drum Technique, and Repertoire for Tympani. The Fundamentals section covers topics such as tuning, muffling, stick grip, stroke types, rolls, dynamics, articulation, and notation. The Exercises section provides progressive exercises to improve coordination, accuracy, speed, endurance, and musicality on two, three, and four drums. The Repertoire section contains excerpts from various orchestral works by composers such as Beethoven, Brahms, Mahler, Stravinsky, and more. The book also includes many photographs and diagrams to illustrate the concepts and techniques.

The book is available in both print and digital formats. The print version can be purchased from Alfred Music, while the digital version can be accessed from Google Books, Amazon Kindle, or Vital Source. The book is also available in Open Library, where users can borrow or download it for free.

Modern Method for Tympani by Saul Goodman is a comprehensive and authoritative guide for learning and mastering the art of tympani playing. It is highly recommended for students, teachers, and performers of all levels who want to enhance their skills and knowledge of this versatile and expressive instrument.


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