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Gregory Abramov
Gregory Abramov

How to Enjoy COD WAW Nazi Zombies Only CRACKED With All Maps for Free and Without Restrictions

Coda, also known as COD WAW in the Rezurrection poster, is an objective-based level that requires players to defend a safehouse from the undead. It is set in the Brazilian jungle and has a large area of hilly terrain. To best defend the safehouse, players can make their way to the high ground in the area, where they will likely be less vulnerable to the Undead. In addition, players must prevent the Undead from reaching the safehouse, which will be accessed after a certain amount of time. COD WAW Nazi Zombies Only CRACKED With All Maps

COD WAW Nazi Zombies Only CRACKED With All Maps

The map is set in a large barn, and has several classes of enemies, including Humanoids, Carnivores, and Zombies. These are set in three main categories: Bot, Pack, and Clan. The Bot, Pack, and Clan are a reference to the map's classifications, which are the same in World at War, along with being included in a later expansion, Prestige Edition, and Anniversary Edition, and received again in Zombies Chronicles. Both the Pack and Clan have specific strengths and weaknesses, and the Clan is noted for having an unnaturally large number of male zombies. The Map itself, however, was modified to be good for both the Pack and the Clan, ensuring that every team would be equally capable of winning.COD WAW Nazi Zombies Only CRACKED With All Maps

The map was designed and named by the map designer then-named Thejpn, who was formerly the map designer for Call of Duty 2 (the second iteration of Call of Duty ) and World at War . The map was designed when the game's engine was still in development, so Thejpn also designed a number of other maps, such as Soul , and was responsible for the map's classifications, which would later be incorporated into the next game in the series, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and also appeared in the Prestige Edition and Anniversary Edition.COD WAW Nazi Zombies Only CRACKED With All Maps


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