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[S5E18] Love Bytes

Henry and Ray arrive in Junk-N-Stuff ready to smash Halley. They go to the Man Cave, where Schwoz has married Halley. They are about to break Halley, but Halley increases the gravity where they stand, forcing them to the ground. They try to convince Halley of what she did, and Halley tries to get Schwoz to kill Ray and Henry to prove his love for her. Ray sees the platinum chip on the floor and picks it up. He says that he wanted to win the contest, but he decides to break the chip, showing Schwoz how much Ray cared for him. Schwoz stabs Halley with the sword in retaliation for trying to get him to kill his friends and Ray finds the sword was disintegrated in the process. Ray starts chasing Schwoz around the Man Cave for breaking his sword as Henry goes upstairs to Junk-N-Stuff with a Frittle can.

[S5E18] Love Bytes


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