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White gold does not exist naturally. It is a mixture of yellow gold and white metals such as palladium, silver, nickel and zinc. These alloys give white gold a paler colour, more hardness and more durability. The silvery-white colour is achieved by final coating with a metal called rhodium.

buy gold ring

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Just like white gold, rose gold does not exist naturally. It is a mix of pure yellow gold with copper and silver alloys. These metals make rose gold harder and give it a beautiful rose colour. The depth of colour in rose gold depends on the amount of copper used, meaning the higher copper content will result in a reddish rose colour.

Mike Fried has written hundreds of articles and helped answer more than 30,000 emails from our readers. This has given him a unique perspective on what information truly helps our readers in their quest for finding the perfect diamond engagement ring or piece of jewelry.

This email will go to our contact at Abe Mor who has helped thousands of our readers sell their gold and diamond jewelry. They consistently offer the highest prices for our readers' jewelry. Please include the weights and details of the jewelry. Images are helpful as well.

This is the current wholesale price of gold. When selling gold you receive a percentage of the price. We recommend asking Abe Mor for a quote as they have consistently offered the highest percentage to our readers.

This is simply a reality of business. All businesses have expenses, and the companies buying gold need to be able to make a profit in order to stay in business. They also need to cover the costs associated with melting and refining your gold jewelry so that it can be reused.

Some gold selling websites provide calculators that allow you to quickly and easily work out the pure gold content of a gold ring or other jewelry, then calculate an approximate price for the gold used to make the item.

Because of these lower operating costs, online gold buyers can afford to take a lower margin on the products they purchase and then sell. This means that you, as the party selling gold, will get a better price than you usually will from a brick-and-mortar store.

If you contact Abe Mor directly, they are willing to give a better rate for larger purchases of gold like bullion or coins. These days, online gold bullion buyers will usually provide a quote based on the weight of gold that you want to sell, then provide an address for you to send the gold via an insured, track and trace delivery service. Some also work with local partners at which you can drop off the gold.

The reason for this is that pawn shops make the majority of their revenue by loaning money to their customers. In order to get a good return on investment by buying gold, the pawn shop will need to buy it for a low enough price to be able to sell it with a reasonable profit margin.

Most gold jewelry is sold based on its scrap gold value. After buying a gold engagement ring, a vendor will normally melt it down (or sell it onwards to a third party precious metals refinery) so that the gold can be reused for a new item.

Luxurious, brand name items are different. While a regular gold wedding band will sell based on its scrap gold value, an item like a gold wristwatch or a brand name gold bracelet from a popular fashion house usually has much more value in its finished form than it does as scrap gold.

Selling your gold online will usually get you the best price, especially compared to selling it to a local pawn shop or jewelry store. We recommend using the following tips to get the best deal on your gold jewelry, coins or other items:

If so, consider a Cartier gold ring. The company pays close attention to innovative designs and colors. As well as common hues and designs, you can find an array of shapes, sizes, and cuts. So, you get an opportunity to pick unique rings that can be a focal point of attraction at any place.

Buying a gold ring can be quite a costly proposition. The budget can elevate if you add a stone to the band. What if you are on a slim budget? If that is your scenario, you might be compelled to buy a less preferable piece. However, the chosen item may not align well with your persona or the event. So, how can you resolve this issue?

Relying on outlets dedicated to Cartier jewelry is the best solution. These stores carry authentic rings and other items in varying price ranges. So, you can find a suitable Cartier gold ring matching your particulars within your budget range. Just surf through the wide variety listed in different pricing points. Within no time, you might have your hands on the right piece.

The main issue associated with gold or other forms of jewelry is shipping and returns. Buyers often feel cheated when they see a different piece delivered to their place. They either want a refund or a quick replacement. Also, shipping and transportation could damage the jewelry pieces. Any such situation warrants a quick resolution.

The Black Friday gold panic of September 24, 1869 was caused by a conspiracy between two investors, Jay Gould and his partner James Fisk, and Abel Corbin, a small time speculator who had married Virginia (Jennie) Grant, the younger sister of President Ulysses Grant. They formed the Gold Ring to corner the gold market and force up the price of metal on the New York Gold Exchange. The scandal took place during the Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant, whose policy was to sell Treasury gold at weekly intervals to pay off the national debt, stabilize the dollar, and boost the economy. The country had gone through tremendous upheaval during the Civil War and was not yet fully restored.

During the first week of September, Grant's Secretary of the Treasury George S. Boutwell received a letter from Grant. It told him that gold sales would be harmful to Western farmers, a notion planted by Gould and Fisk. Boutwell suspended Treasury gold sales. At the same time, Gould and Fisk began buying gold through New York City's Gold Room, raising the price of gold. After learning about the nature of their scheme, Grant first told Corbin to unload his gold holdings before ordering the release of $4 million in government gold on September 24. Grant's move immediately drove down the price of gold, crushing the Gold Ring's corner on the market. A panic on Wall Street ensued and the country went through months of economic turmoil. Thanks to Grant's efforts, as well as those of his administration, a national depression was averted. Gould and Fisk hired the best defense available. Favored by Tweed Ring judges, the conspiratorial partners escaped prosecution. An 1870 government investigation, headed by fellow Republican James A. Garfield, exonerated Grant of any illicit involvement in the conspiracy.

To finance the Civil War and Reconstruction, the federal government had assumed a large national debt. This debt escalated from $64 million in 1860 to $2.8 billion by the end of the Andrew Johnson administration, when Grant was elected president.[1] The problem was further compounded, when the federal government issued paper money, known as "greenbacks", which were not redeemable in gold. Mandated as the only payment for federal debts, "both public and private", these "notes" also served to take gold currency out of circulation, causing the price of gold to rise sharply. It was generally believed that the U.S. Government would eventually redeem the "greenbacks" with gold.[1] Grant was determined to return the national economy to pre-war monetary standards, and one of the first things he did as president in 1869 was to sign the Public Credit Act,[a] which would repay U.S. bonds in "gold or its equivalent" and would redeem greenbacks from the economy as soon as possible. Grant believed that putting "sound money" back into circulation was the best approach to restoring the economy.[3][4]

Grant put the talented George S. Boutwell in charge of the U.S. Treasury. Boutwell's primary task was to reduce the national debt. To accomplish this, in April, Boutwell ordered his assistant treasurer to sell gold from the Treasury and buy up wartime bonds. He also initiated reforms in the Treasury Department by improving methods of tax collecting and attacking the problem of counterfeiting. By the end of May, the national debt had been reduced by $12 million. Boutwell's treasury policy of reducing the national debt kept the money supply level and the gold price artificially low.[1] The purpose of Grant's fiscal policy was to reduce the amount of greenbacks in circulation that could be redeemed in gold at some future date.[1]

In 1869, Jay Gould, an unethical director of the Erie Railroad sought to corner the gold market with the connivance of Abel Corbin, a financier with a shady past who was President Grant's brother-in-law. They worked to persuade the President to stop Boutwell from releasing weekly gold (but not affecting those routine gold sales for the sinking fund) from the Treasury Department, with the intention to raise the gold price.[5] James Fisk, another unethical director who had made his fortune as a cotton smuggler during the Civil War,[6] controlled the Erie Railroad in conjunction with Gould. He would join the conspiracy in force later on. The first step in Corbin and Gould's plan was to recruit Daniel Butterfield, a former Major General and war hero during the Civil War[b] who lacked any experience in finance. Both Corbin and Gould lobbied successfully for Butterfield's appointment as the assistant treasurer,[7] through whom Boutwell gave orders to sell Treasury Department gold. Gould bribed Butterfield with a $10,000 check, more than Butterfield's annual salary of $8,000. Butterfield agreed to tip the men off when the government intended to sell gold.[8]

Corbin was considered a smooth talker and had made money speculating in real estate. More importantly to Fisk and Gould, he had direct access to Grant.[9] They used Corbin's relationship to get close to Grant in social situations, where they would argue against government sale of gold, and Corbin would support their arguments.[10] Gould also attempted to bribe Grant's personal secretary Horace Porter by giving him a $500,000 gold account in his name, but Porter, a former military aide to Grant,[11] stated that he declined the offer.[10] Not accustomed to having such offers turned down, Gould went ahead and made the purchase and opened a brokerage account in Porter's name regardless. When Porter was informed of Gould's unauthorized transaction, he refused the offer in writing. In similar fashion, Corbin approached Grant's wife Julia and attempted to entice her into accepting half interest in $250,000 in bonds, but she turned that offer down.[12] 041b061a72


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