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Khopdi-The Skull Tamil Movie Full Download

Khopdi: The Skull - A Review of the 1999 Hindi Horror Film

Khopdi: The Skull is a 1999 Hindi horror film directed by Ramesh U. Lakhiani and starring Rajesh Bakshi, Shakti Kapoor, Anil Nagrath, and Sapna Sappu. The film follows the story of a girl who is raped and killed by four men, and whose spirit returns to take revenge on them. The film is a low-budget production that features cheap special effects, poor acting, and a clichéd plot.

Khopdi-The Skull Tamil Movie Full Download


The Plot

The film begins with four men breaking into a woman's house at gunpoint, looking for a briefcase that contains something valuable. They fail to find the briefcase, but decide to rape and murder the woman anyway. They dump her body in a shallow grave and flee the scene. However, the woman's spirit is not at rest, and she starts haunting and killing the men one by one. She also contacts a police officer who is investigating the case, and gives him clues about the culprits. The officer falls in love with the woman's sister, who is unaware of her death. The film ends with the woman's spirit killing the last of the rapists, and finding peace.

The Cast

The film features some well-known actors in the Hindi film industry, such as Shakti Kapoor and Anil Nagrath, who are known for playing villains and comic roles respectively. However, their performances are hampered by the poor script and direction. Rajesh Bakshi plays the main antagonist, who is also the leader of the gang of rapists. He is unconvincing and over-the-top as a ruthless criminal. Sapna Sappu plays the role of the victim, who also appears as a ghost. She has very few dialogues, and mostly relies on screaming and making faces to convey her emotions. Vijay Solanki plays the role of the police officer, who is supposed to be the hero of the film. He is bland and wooden as a cop, and has no chemistry with Jyothi Rana, who plays his love interest.

The Production

The film is a low-budget production that suffers from various technical flaws. The cinematography is amateurish, with shaky camera work and poor lighting. The editing is choppy and inconsistent, with abrupt cuts and transitions. The sound design is also poor, with loud background music and sound effects that drown out the dialogues. The special effects are laughable, with fake blood, rubber masks, and CGI fire that look unrealistic and cheesy. The film also has some continuity errors, such as changing locations and costumes within the same scene.

The Reception

The film was released on July 30, 1999 in India, but did not receive much attention from the audience or the critics. The film was panned for its lack of originality, creativity, and quality. The film has a rating of 3.3 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 12 user reviews. The film has also been reviewed by some online platforms, such as Letterboxd, where it has an average rating of 2 out of 5 stars, based on 5 user ratings. The film has been criticized for its poor production values, weak plot, bad acting, and cheap scares.

The Conclusion

Khopdi: The Skull is a 1999 Hindi horror film that fails to deliver any horror or entertainment value. The film is a waste of time and money for anyone who watches it. The film is not worth downloading or watching legally or illegally.


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