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Jameson Bell
Jameson Bell

Jedi Trainer [v1.0]

I have created the uti files for both characters and gotten the dialogue files ready. Now I need to be shown how to establish where the characters will occur in the game. To help I want the trainer for me to appear in the hallway after the first room where I first speak to Trask. For the Trainer for Zaalbar I want him to appear in the far side of the Dantoonie Courtyard behind the trainer for Carth. How do I get them to appear there?

Jedi Trainer [v1.0]


Work you need to do - build your .utc's for the trainers. These are Unique Character Templates, and what we will spawn in to that location. They include what the NPC is wearing, what weapons and special items it might have, its attributes, HP, etc.

The one thing I would still like you to tell me, is if the trainer should always appear in this module, if the trainer should only appear if you have a certain party composition, if your PC or Zaalbar has a certain XP level, etc. These are the conditionals we can use to have the trainer appear when you deem the time is right. For now, I will do the simplest thing and just instantiate them.

First is the new On_Enter for the Endar Spire using the coordinates for Weston (you can re-use this exact script for Zaalbar's trainer by substituting trainer's name and coordinates.)

You can save this one, as al_westspawn.nss and compile, it will also go in override. There are some other things here you might want to play with, as you can uncomment the ambient behaviors, which will make your trainer do some ambient animation until the perception event. This I leave to your discretion - it is very easy to play with this script, recompile, and see results in-game. (Again, this script will be lightly edited to work for your Zaalbar trainer, you can name it al_johclispawn.nss or something)

The Dantooine On_Enter is the only script not compiled, so for now that trainer will not spawn. I have to eat dinner, and then maybe I can find that module, but it is more likely that I am done modding for the night. I will be happy to compile that for you tomorrow, and until then you should be able to test what we've done

I told you that you couldn't spawn Zaalbar's trainer yet, since I need to inject our script as the On_Enter for that Dantooine module. However, the Endar Spire trainer should spawn - the scripting was taken from one of my old mods, and has always worked. 041b061a72


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