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Buy Sports Equipment Uk

We offer an extensive range of boxing equipment from Boxing Boots, Boxing Free Standing Equipment, Boxing Bags, Boxing Gloves, stands and brackets and much more . As well as being a market leader for fitness equipment and exercise equipment, we excel in our supply of boxing necessities.

buy sports equipment uk


At Fitness Superstore we offer the widest range of gym equipment, from Weight Benches, Smith Machines, Standard & Olympic Weights, Dumbbells & Kettlebells, Multi-Gyms, Power Racks, Leverage Machines and much more.

At Fitness Superstore we specialise in providing tailor-made solutions to fit your needs and budget. Whether you are opening your own gymnasium, setting up a fitness suite at your workplace, refitting an existing facility or simply purchasing commercial fitness equipment for your home, our experienced team can provide you with the expertise you need to feel 100% confident. To find out more visit our Commercial Fitness Section.

We are also keen to hear of any ideas for new Calisthenics, Functional Fitness, Street Workout or Cross Fit products that you would like to see from Gravity Fitness. Our designers are dedicated to bringing the fitness equipment that you really want to the next level.

IMPEX began in 1982 and quickly established a strong presence in the fitness industry as a manufacturer of fitness products for many well known fitness equipment companies. Throughout the years that followed, IMPEX acquired and licensed several high profile brand names and began manufacturing products for most major sporting goods retailers

At Powerhouse Fitness we believe that fitness is for everyBODY - which is why we have made it our mission to promote the benefits of health, fitness and wellbeing to everyone. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, we have equipment that can help you achieve your goals.

Pitbullsports apparel is created with breathable and moisture-wicking technologies for thermal comfort in all conditions. Discover the functionality, performance, and style that will take you from one activity to another, bringing flexibility and fun into your schedule.

We are asportswear store that brings all essentials together for anyone with an active lifestyle. Knowing that your most hardworking clothes will dry fast and bounce back into shape after multiple washes is vital, whatever your activity is.

Established in 1982 by Mike Ashley, the company is the United Kingdom's largest sports-goods retailer and operates roughly 670 stores worldwide.[8] The company's business model is one that operates under low margins.[9] Mike Ashley has continued to hold a majority stake in the business, and his holding has been 61.7 percent since October 2013.[10] It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and it is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.[11]

The group has over 470 UK stores including the chains Sports Direct (Sports World prior to 2008), Lillywhites, House of Fraser, Flannels, Evans Cycles,, Field & Trek and USC. Sports Direct-branded stores exist under a franchising agreement in South Africa and the Middle East. In 2006 it overtook JJB Sports as the UK's largest sportswear retailer.[49]

In 2016, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a global tyre, sports goods, and industrial rubber products manufacturing company based in Kobe, Japan, filed for regulatory approval before the Philippine Competition Commission in connection with its planned acquisition of Dunlop-related wholesale, manufacturing, and licensing business from Sports Direct.[56]

The Philippine Competition Commission approved the regulatory filing for the said acquisition. The acquisition allowed Sumitomo Rubber to consolidate the Dunlop brand across various products including sports goods worldwide.[56]

Panatta is a market-oriented company, founded on principles of qualitative excellence. A point of reference for technical innovation, style and emotion. Our mission: to design and make aesthetically pleasing, functional, reliable, long-lasting and competitively priced equipment for real physical training.

Our mission is to make aesthetically pleasing, functional, reliable, long-lasting and competitively priced equipment for real physical training. Our experience is the secret behind our optimal quality-price ratio. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Six decades of experience to build-up your perfect home fitness space. The best combination of products for a home gym that is unique in style and in line with your home design. Beauty, design, quality and functionality of our machines make them perfectly suitable for different residential areas. Made in Italy and own production of all the equipment are essential features to ensure sturdiness and durability of the final product. We have designed some ideal lay outs different for kind of training to help you find and customize your perfect solution.

Top of the line fabric and aesthetic design make RDX apparels the best choice for a healthful and energizing workout session. Carefully engineered compression wear is very helpful during intense training and the hi-tech design looks elegant on you. We bring you a wide range of best quality sportswear for training and competition.

Looking after your fitness equipment will keep your cardio machines in peak operating condition. We take a look at some of the key areas of fitness equipment maintenance with some easy to follow guides.

Atlantis was born from a desire to make the impossible happen. To push the limits of equipment in order to transcend those of the body. To create success where none existed before. To write a new chapter in the history of performance. To set a precedent, to leave a mark. And why not, to create legends.

We build the best-performing strength equipment worldwide. Just like any athlete or coach, we are determined to keep learning and growing stronger in order to improve. We are mindful of the incredible power that dwells within the human body and mind and are eager to know what it can accomplish.

We built our first treadmill in 1983, with the simple idea of giving our customers the highest quality equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals. Now, four decades later, it is that simple purpose which continues to drive us today when designing and developing every piece of equipment that bears the Spirit Fitness name. We make sure that each new equipment design meets the same demanding standards that have always crafted the Spirit Fitness brand.

There is scope for retailers to expand into this and offer more personalised products, further differentiating them from the competition and providing a way to build the bond between retailer and consumer. Nike has offered this service through customisable shoes on both the fashion and sports side for some time, and Lululemon now offer ankle weights and free weights consumers can connect to their Mirror smart home gym to tailor to each individual workout and collect data.

While athleisure and comfort remain at the forefront for consumers, specialist sports goods retailers risk losing their market share to fashion retailers, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, as well as supermarkets and luxury brands as sportswear impacts on fashion trends. Increasing market entries from non-specialists serve as a threat, along with an increasing number of fashion retailers now offering sportswear ranges, as well as online-only retailers such as Amazon.

Post pandemic, consumers are more concerned about their overall health and wellbeing. This presents opportunities for sports goods retailers to tap into this interest and further highlight what they can do for consumers, through the likes of in-store experiences and product innovation.

Sports Ball Shop is the UK's leading sports ball specialist, offering you a huge range of branded balls across an unrivalled number of sporting platforms. Sports Ball Shop also offers an extensive sales support service, helping to ensure you have all the information and guidance you need to purchase the right balls to suit your requirements. We specialise in providing clubs and schools with high quality sports equipment - from regular orders to one off purchases. We have the expertise to provide almost anything you might need, including a full range of training equipment as well as sports balls.

Our promise of quality is delivered by embedding innovation and craftsmanship into each game and piece of equipment to fuel perfect shots, epic plays, and stories to last a lifetime. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, we make, import, and distribute top sporting goods brand products.

High quality fitness equipment made of solid wood. Hand-made in Germany and in the US. Original WaterRower rowing machines, Sprintbok treadmills, NOHrD Bike indoor cycles and many more. We produce sports equipment for cardio, strength, coordination and of course for your well-being. 041b061a72


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